143 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria, Australia 3181
Please note our store will be closed on Tuesday 5th December.

Want to get in touch with our store? 

TEXT / CALL: +61413737796
If you can't get through, please send a text message with your query.
We do not answer the phone if we are busy serving in store & want to be able to get back to you as soon as we can 😍
EMAIL:  help@tibbsandbones.com

What payments do you accept in store?

Payments in store are able to be made with Credit Card, Debit Card, Amex, After Pay, Zip Pay, Tibbs & Bones Gift Vouchers & cash.

Can I order something online & collect it in your store?

YES! We offer FREE "pick up in store" - you are able to purchase any goodies from our website & collect them in store. Just select this option at the checkout at the 'shipping' section.

Is your store wheelchair accessible?

We have a ramp which is able to be put on the 10cm step into the store. The width of the front door is 100cm. Feel free to press the doorbell and we can pop the ramp down for you, or you're welcome to call ahead on 0413 737 796. We also have a 12cm step halfway down the store, which we have a ramp to pop down on for you. The doorway of our change-rooms are 84cm with a size of 120cm x 115cm within them with a curtain door. 

Is your store LGBTQIA+ friendly?

We welcome all our magical rainbow angels in our store. It is a safe space to try on clothes, shoes, chat and enjoy the rainbow energy! We are kind, compassionate & loving humans who want you to feel your absolute magical best in our world & be able to express your true self. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in our world. We wear pronoun badges in store, if you have a preferred pro-noun please do feel free to let us know!

How do I book in for a Sensory Friendly Session?

We know shopping in stores can sometimes be a stressful occurrence - loud music, lots of people, laser lights and more - and we know that this isn't for everyone! We offer Sensory Friendly Sessions to welcome our sensory / socially sensitive customers in store. This will be an in-store shopping experience, with your choice of ambience. You are welcome to wear noise cancelling headphones - and of course your support animals are always welcome (as they are anytime).

We will be running these Sensory Sessions on Tuesdays from 12pm-5pm. If you wish for our store laser lights to be turned off, music to be low, or the candle to be out, please feel free to call ahead or notify one of our gorgy staff.

If you have any further questions about what you can expect from your in store experience, or if we can do anything to make your visit more comfortable - please don't hesitate to text us on 0413 737 796 or via email.

Why not come and spend the day eating and shopping on Chapel Street? There are so many other fun shops, thrift shops, places to eat, drink and party at in our beautiful street.