ZZZ - Not A Day To Celebrate

Not A Day To Celebrate

A day of invasion, a day of mourning, a day of survival. January 26th commemorates the arrival of the British onto Australian soil, back in 1788. This date was the beginning of the genocide & ecocide of Aboriginal people. The beginning of heartache, displacement, massacres, destruction, loss of land, loss of language, loss of culture. The beginning of pain, injustice & hurt still felt to this day by indigenous people. 

On January 26th, we will be acknowledging our privilege. We will be standing in solidarity with indigenous people. A day to reflect on the damage felt to this day in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities. A day to pay our respects to past, present & future indigenous people. A day to further educate ourselves about Australian history. White Australia has a black history.

If you are attending a march on Invasion Day this weekend, we would love if you would consider purchasing one of our Stay Deadly masks to stay safe & show your support. All profits from the sale of these masks are being donated directly to Childrens Ground, an amazing organisation led by aboriginal communities, who are working tirelessly to create and new future for indigenous children filled with promise, hope and empowerment. You can grab one here.

With your help we have been able to donate over $2,700 to this wonderful charity. We are so thankful for your support and love seeing you wear these masks with pride!

Always was, always will be.

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